Sunday 25th September

This morning we noted that Autumn had definitely arrived. The trees lining the path to the park had changed dramatically during the short time we had been in Helsinki. Four days previous they had been pale green and leafy, today they shone a translucent yellow and had shed many leaves onto the grey tarmac below. Having to […]


Saturday 24th September

The previous day, after our workshop, we had left Lapinlahti for a meeting with artist and lecturer Owen Kelly. The three of us spent the early evening in Ruoholahti discussing ongoing projects and by the time we returned to the hospital to tidy up after the workshop, the organisers were closing the building for the day. […]


Friday 23rd September : a little piece of land at Pixelache

The purpose of us being in Helsinki was to contribute to the Pixelache2016 festival by presenting our ongoing project and leading a workshop. Early that morning, before we prepared for these, we took a walk along the Ruoholahti Canal at the back of our apartment building to visit the Cable Factory.   The Cable Factory is […]


Thursday 22nd September : Pixelache2016 begins

We had arrived in Helsinki the previous afternoon but spent our time checking in to our apartment and getting very dazed and confused in the extremely large supermarket we found a few minutes up the road; I never thought butter would be so hard find, or that I could spend so long looking at sausages. By […]